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Last game at Mullett Arena: most tickets over $1,000
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As we all know, a new chapter in the National Hockey League will begin next season.

At the end of this season, the Arizona Coyotes will have to move to Salt Lake City in Utah.

We still don’t know the club’s new name, but it shouldn’t be long now, with the off-season fast approaching.

As for Mullett Arena, Coyotes fans will be able to see their club one last time in Tempe on April 17.

Arizona residents have been accustomed to very affordable prices for Coyotes home games.

For the last game at Mullett Arena, prices are exorbitant, to say the least.

We’re talking tickets at around $1,000 each for the most affordable.

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It’s quite surprising to see the club that used to be the laughing stock of the NHL selling tickets at an absurdly low price, in a tiny arena.

I understand that this will be the last game in the Coyotes’ history, but the price of tickets since their arrival in the NHL is far too far from the posted price.

You can see onTicket Master that the cheapest individual ticket for the April 17 game against the Edmonton Oilers is, at the time of writing, $820, in the last few rows at the top.

(Credit: TicketMaster)
If you look at resale sites like StubHub, prices are even higher.

On the famous resale site in question, the cheapest individual tickets are over $900 Canadian.

(Credit: StubHub)

I’m not convinced that Coyotes fans will want to pay the full price to see their club play in the NHL’s smallest arena in quite some time.

What can I say: Arizona isn’t where hockey’s biggest fans are.

That’s pretty bold.

What percentage of tickets do you think will be sold for the very last game in the history of the Coyotes and Mullett Arena?


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