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Josh and Shane Doan: the same curse

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Josh and Shane Doan: the same curse
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For the past nine games, the Arizona Coyotes have been able to count on the services of the son of legendary Yotes player Shane Doan.

Josh Doan was recalled from the AHL at the end of March, and since then, the 22-year-old has scored eight points.

With the Tucson Roadrunners, he had collected 46 points, including 26 goals, in 62 games.

With a style that resembles his father’s, the Coyotes’ #91 unfortunately seems to have the same curse as his father.

Shane Doan was drafted in 1995 by the Winnipeg Jets, where he played his rookie season.

After his first year in the NHL, the Jets had to move to Phoenix and rename themselves the Coyotes.

This year marks Josh Doan’s first season with the Arizona Coyotes, but we recently learned that the club will have to move to Salt Lake City, Utah, as early as this summer.

It’s afunny coincidence that father and son are going through the same thing in their rookie year.It’s pretty crazy when you think about it.

It’s worth pointing out that Josh Doan will technically still be in his rookie season next year, having played less than 25 games by the end of the season.

Still, it’s a very funny situation.

Are father and son suffering from the moving curse?

I don’t think such a thing is possible, but we can always play along and say that the Doan family brings bad luck to a club.

We’ll just have to wait a few years to see Josh Doan’s possible future son, if he wants a child and makes it to the NHL.

I invite you to watch young Doan’s first big-league goal, for those who haven’t seen it.

The family’s reaction will give you chills:

In gusto

– In the end, he didn’t announce anything in this press release.

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– Well, well, well.

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