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“We were tired of being vulnerable […] I want us to win series 4-0” – Geoff Molson
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Those who love rumours of NHL moves and expansions – and dream of the Nordiques’ return – have had their fill in recent days.

Our Nordiques finance minister went to meet Gary Bettman in New York…

The Coyotes are likely to move to Salt Lake City (and could be announced as early as next week)…

Atlanta and Houston would already be on the list for an NHL franchise in 2025

Hundreds of Quebec City fans made the Quebec City – New York – Quebec City trip to see Patrick Roy coach yesterday…

The Quebec government would like the Canadiens to play a regular game at the Centre Vidéotron (but the project is more dream than reality)…

And Geoff Molson claims on air (with Renaud Lavoie/TVA Sports) that hes “for” the Nordiques’ return and would never oppose such a project. He also confided the same to 300 students and trainers at the École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce over the past few days. I was told this yesterday by someone present at a conference Geoff Molson gave them at the Bell Centre.

In short, in public, Geoff Molson is behind the project to bring the NHL back to Quebec City. But in private, his real position is questionable…


The Canadiens’ president said something even more interesting at his conference in the last few days: he told the business people in the room that the rebuild wasn’t over yet… and that it could be a while yet.

Molson thanked fans for their patience, explaining that after the Stanley Cup Final elimination to the Lightning (2021), he realized that aiming for the playoffs, then hoping for the best, was not the strategy he wanted in his hockey department. Neither was being dependent on a banged-up defenseman and a star (and fragile) goaltender…

In short, a rift had developed between his way of seeing things and that of his GM at the time, Marc Bergevin. The dismissal that took place a few months later had therefore been in the works for some time. Geoff Molson didn’t say it, but that’s my interpretation.

Molson told the people at his conference that he wanted a powerhouse now, not an average team.

“We were tired of being vulnerable. We’ve given a lot of thought to the team we want to present to our fans. I want us to win series 4-0.”Geoff Molson

Molson therefore defends the idea that a rebuild can take a long time and must take “as long as it takes” to be done properly. No surprise, then, if the executives didn’t even dare utter the “P” word before the start of the season.

Given that the Habs are nowhere near becoming a powerhouse, there’s every reason to believe that management won’t be taking any shortcuts, and that we’re in for another few years of watching the club lose. The Habs are still in need of two or three top-quality forwards before they can aspire to the big time.

As long as a culture of losers doesn’t start to blight the dressing room, we’re fine. That’s why it’s so important to have good veterans to mentor the youngsters…

“We don’t just want to make the playoffs; we want to equip ourselves to win Cups.Geoff Molson

Finally, we’re seeing the Habs set their sights high. It’s something that’s been lacking in recent decades

Guys like Anthony Desaulniers, Gonzo, Jean Trudel and others are smiling as they read my text this morning…

While others, like Martin Lemay and yours truly, are beginning to find this reconstruction a long time coming. Especially as we approach the playoffs in the spring…

@9millions_ #Stanley25 ♬ his original – 9millions

Can’t wait for a high draft pick… and an elite forward selected! And a contract extension for Martin St-Louis!

And while we’re at it, another Kirby Dach-style deal!

Will the plan work? Will the Canadiens win a Stanley Cup by 2030? We shall live and see.

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