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Juraj Slafkovský scores his first career hat trick
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Tonight, the Canadiens take on the Flyers at the Bell Centre. With the Flyers having lost their last seven games, it looked like a tough match-up for the Habs.

And clearly, Juraj Slafkovský got the message, as he scored his first career hat trick.

Here are his three goals, in order:

Slaf now has 19 goals on his record this season, and more than ever, he seems on track to reach the 20-goal plateau this season.

Considering he just turned 20 and had scored just two goals in his first 29 games, that’s pretty impressive.

Slafkovský also scored the first hat trick for the Habs this season. It took 78 games, but better late than never.

At the same time, the Slovakian became the second-youngest player in the organization’s history to score three goals in a single game.

Stéphane Richer still holds the record.

Slaf’ s three goals tonight were all scored in rather different ways. First, he deflected Mike Matheson’s shot before going in for his second, and finally completed the scoring on a breakaway.

He’s versatile, all right.

The young man’s father used his X account to highlight his son’s feat of arms. It must be a great moment for Juraj Sr. that.

In short, a great moment at the Bell Centre tonight for Slafkovský, and considering he didn’t even need two full periods to score three goals, one almost wonders if he won’t manage to add a fourth.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if he did it while Ryan Poehling was in town?


I don’t know what’s in the air at the Bell Centre tonight, but even Josh Anderson hit the target against the Flyers.

That might do him some good.

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