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“Jonathan Drouin will cost $6M this summer and it will be worth it”
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You know as well as I do that Jonathan Drouin is having an excellent season in Colorado. The Avalanche player has rediscovered his game since arriving in Denver.

Or should I say: he’s found his game since leaving Montreal.

Of course, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that playing with his boy Nathan MacKinnon doesn’t have to affect his performance. It’s clearly a factor in his success.

Eventually, the question will be what the player will do this summer. He’ll be a free agent and in a much better position than he was nine months ago, after his stint with the Habs.

At this point, he’ll be in demand.

The challenge for him will be to see if he wants to sign the biggest contract possible, or if he wants to focus on other aspects, such as the environment in which he and his family will be placed.

Staying in Colorado may also encourage him to ask for less money.

Interestingly, former Sportsnet employee Drew Livingstone said something on Twitter. He said that this summer, Drouin is going to cost $6M this summer and it will be worth it.

Yikes. He may bill himself as a Colorado fan, but his petticoat is sticking out.

What’s interesting, in my opinion, is the reflection. After all, it’s clear that in his comment, there were eight layers of irony. But behind every joke, there’s a core of truth.

And here, the truth, as I mentioned earlier in my paper, is that Drouin can ask for more money.

Recently, Drouin said he wanted to focus on finishing the season before thinking about what’s next. Once the playoffs are over, he’ll see what he can do about his contract.

But even if we know that no one is going to offer him more money than his annual salary in Montreal ($5.5 million), it’s clear that he can ask for more than he’s making right now.

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