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The Canadiens are preparing a new 24CH

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The Canadiens are preparing a new 24CH
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In the past, the Habs have “opened the doors of their dressing room” to fans via 24CH. It was a show that took us behind the scenes of the team, and it was much appreciated.

Of course, everything we saw was meticulously chosen, but still: it was a popular show that brought a completely different aspect to fans.

In recent years, the concept has disappeared.

That said, according to what Jean Trudel reports on X, the Habs spent the season filming the guys and following them on the road and in the locker room, with a view to producing a new documentary of the sort.

“There’s going to be a new 24CH” are the words used by JT.

According to what Maxime Truman’s co-host on the Stanley25 podcast reports, this should be available on Crave at a date yet to be determined.

Note that the Maple Leafs, via their All or Nothing series, also had a similar concept a few years ago.

It will be interesting to see what angle will be taken for the series, since the Habs aren’t exactly a Stanley Cup contending team this season, let’s face it.

What will be shown when the time comes to talk about losing streaks, for example?

I’m also looking forward to seeing how certain moments will be captured on screen. For example, the trip out West without Martin St-Louis (for most of the trip, at least) comes quickly to mind.

It remains to be seen when details will be released.

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