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Zegras’s pig farting shows why the Habs must stay away
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Nothing has worked for Trevor Zegras so far this season.

The Ducks forward hasn’t been producing up to expectations and has missed several games with an ankle injury.

The result? Zegras is as frustrated as ever and has been farting like a five-year-old since his return to action.

Vincent Noël (Balle Courbe) published an article in which he talks about the Ducks‘ player’s recent outbursts.

Zegras broke his stick unnecessarily on his team’s bench because he ran into an umpire…

He delivered a (very) violent double-check to Chris Tanev’s back when he made his return to action two weeks ago…

He decided to break the camera in the penalty box after being punished by the officials…

Let’s just say we can see why many criticize his attitude :

That’s why the Habs need to stay away from him in my eyes.

The Habs are trying to establish a new culture, after all… And when the club is ready to win, it won’t be time for Martin St-Louis or the club’s veterans to play daycare.

Zegras is frustrated, and that’s understandable in a way… But repeated gestures like these would not go down well with fans in Montreal.

He acts like a baby and nobody needs that, we agree.

Trevor Zegras is still young at 23 and perhaps he’ll mature with time. I hope so, at least, because he has to try to manage his emotions when the time comes.


– Martin St-Louis had good things to say about his captain.

– Slafkovsky is strong.

– Seriously…

– Well done.

– Strange news, on the eve of the Masters…

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