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Joel Armia, finalist for the Bill Masterston Trophy?
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

If I’d told you back in November that Joel Armia was going to have 14 goals with eight games to go, you’d probably have called me crazy.

And rightly so.

The Habs organization sent him a message when they sent him to Laval because he wasn’t giving enough on the ice and his attitude wasn’t great… And since he was recalled from the Rocket, the Finn has been one of the good offensive players.

Armia is successful because he’s started to play to his strengths again. He uses his size and his hands to protect the puck, he goes to the corners and he wins his battles because he’s big and because he’s strong, and the results are there.

He’s now the Habs’ 4th leading scorer… And his transformation allows the excellent Renaud Lavoie (BPM Sports ) to believe that the player could be among the finalists for the Bill-Masterton Trophy, awarded annually to the player who has demonstrated “the most quality of perseverance and team spirit”:

Everyone agrees that he’s a transformed guy. He plays great hockey. – Renaud Lavoie

Maybe the Habs should have made the decision to send him to Laval sooner, but at least we can see how good it made the player feel:

Whether he wins it or not, it’s true that Armia deserves to be among the finalists because he’s shown courage in recent months.

It’s not easy for a veteran to be demoted to the American League…

But Armia arrived in Laval with a smile on his face and the mentality of wanting to succeed.

Everyone on earth knows that the Finn has the qualities to be useful to a National League team… When he plays the right way.

That said, if Armia continues to perform like this from now until the end of the season, and has a good camp in the fall, we could really expect him to have a big role in Martin St-Louis’ line-up next campaign.

Then again, no one could have said that at the start of the season.


– The race for the AHL playoffs is heating up.

– This will have to be corrected.

– Me too… But it’s going to be tough.

– Let’s GO!

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