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Eric Lindros criticizes the Flyers in the Cutter Gauthier case
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Last January, Cutter Gauthier was traded from the Flyers for Jamie Drysdale and a second-round pick in 2025.

Drysdale is an excellent defenseman, but not Gauthier, who is one of the NHL’s top draft prospects. You can criticize this Daniel Brière deal all you want, but the relationship between Philadelphia and the American was atrocious, so much so that the player asked for a trade.

Obviously, in situations like this, there’s nothing you can do, but… But Eric Lindros still criticizes the organization.

In an interview with THN, the former Flyers captain believes that the fact that he wanted to be traded should never have come to light.

It’s hard to disagree, because by revealing it publicly, the youngster loses value. And he’s a former fifth overall pick in an auction…

Here’s how Brière and his colleagues should have handled the situation, according to Lindros:

“I would have simply said, ‘We wanted Jamie Drysdale and we had to give up that player’. I wouldn’t have made the situation public. I would have just traded the kid. – Eric Lindros

Lindros is well placed to speak, having played for the Flyers after refusing to play for the team that drafted him (the Nordiques).

What’s also important to know is that Lindros doesn’t blame Gauthier at all. After all, if he had, it would have been dishonest and ironic of him. He encourages unhappy players to ask for trades, because that’s their right.

This year at Boston College, Gauthier is one of the best college players. In 39 games, he has 64 points, and his complicity with Ryan Leonard is a sight to behold. Now he’ll have to keep up his good attitude in Anaheim, under the hot California sun.


– Good joke.

– He’s having a hard time.

– Ah well.

– At least.

– And Quebec misses you.

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