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2017 draft: the Canadiens thought Cayden Primeau would go in the second round
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Samuel Montembeault is currently this team’s number-one goalie. At least, he was when Jake Allen left.

But Cayden Primeau’s recent performances have raised a few eyebrows. The American is playing some very inspired hockey and is playing better than Montembeault.

Tony Marinaro had this to say a few days ago:

I get the impression that for Martin, Montembeault isn’t the number 1 goaltender the way Suzuki can be the number 1 center. The biggest battle for me next season may be in goal. – Tony Marinaro

Hard to disagree.

Goaltenders are always very difficult to develop, and it usually takes quite a while for a goaltender to establish himself in the NHL.

The proof: Primeau (a future member of Team USA?) was drafted in 2017 and didn’t make an impact in the big league until 2024. Seven years of eating black croutes, then.

But what you need to know about the 2017 draft, the Canadiens had Cayden Primeau in the second round of their mock draft. He was ranked third, behind Jake Oettinger and Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen. We agree that they’re no slouches.

But that year, Montreal had no intention of drafting a goaltender, since the club had Carey Price in its prime, Charlie Lindgren and Zachary Fucale, among others. Seeing Primeau available in the seventh round (199th), however, management had to select him.

As Mathias Brunet told BPM Sports, the club had no sixth- or seventh-round picks. So they made a deal with the Flyers (the team Primeau beat on Thursday) to draft Keith’s son.

As fate would have it.

Obviously, management liked Primeau’s potential, but it was Bill Burglund, who was “on his last legs”, who pushed hard to get him. Burglund was a scout in the Boston area and lived in Nashville. He was tired and wanted to retire. Montreal asked him to stay another season to find good goalies.

He, like us, fell in love.

In 2017, 20 (!) were selected before Primeau.

In gusts

– Sad.

– Good for him.

– Coming up.

– Well done.

– He was arrested for drinking and driving.

– 10/10.

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