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Simon Boisvert: Suzuki’s 30th goal should not be celebrated
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Nick Suzuki took advantage of the Flyers’ visit to the Bell Centre last night to reach an interesting plateau.

The Tricolore captain scored his 30th goal of the season, his first since making his NHL debut.

It’s a fine mark, and everyone will agree on it… Or almost.

I say that because Simon Boisvert (Sick Podcast ) doesn’t believe in celebrating the captain’s 30th goal.

He wonders why Slaf picked up the puck after #14’s goal:

Why on earth did Slavkovsky pick up the puck when Suzuki scored his 30th? It’s not like it was his 50th… – Simon Boisvert

The Snake goes on to say that who cares about the 30-goal mark for an NHL player?

Simon Boisvert has a habit of being negative when talking about the Habs, but at a certain point… It seems like enough is enough.

Tony Marinaro seems to agree with my point, because he really disagreed with his guest.

There’s been so much negativity around the team since the rebuild began that you have to celebrate the small victories.

But should we go crazy just because Suzuki has reached the 30-goal plateau? Of course not. And that’s not the case either.

That said, it had been since the 18-19 season that we hadn’t had a 30-goal scorer in Montreal (Brendan Gallagher)… Can we appreciate the moment a little?

Let’s give credit where credit is due, because Nick Suzuki’s season deserves attention. Quite simply.

In a gaggle

– Whoa!

– A big piece returning to the Jets lineup.

– Classic.

– To be continued.

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