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The Canadiens are one ball away from having Connor Bedard
Could you imagine if the Canadiens had won the lottery last night?

In fact, it came a lot closer than you’d think.

In a TVA Sports article, we read that the NHL revealed the winning combinations for the first overall pick last night… And the Habs came within one ball of getting Connor Bedard.

The CH had the 4-5-9-11 combination. The Blackhawks, who hit the jackpot, with the 4-5-9-13 combination…

So close. But, so far away at the same time…

The Canucks and Blue Jackets were also within single digits of winning the lottery.

It was a close call at the finish line, then. And, I can’t imagine how exciting it must have been to be in the lottery draw this year.

After all, it’s not every year you see a player of Bedard’s calibre eligible for the draft.

In the end, it’s the Hawks organization that can shout “Hurray!”… And it’s already showing in the team’s ticket sales.

When we said that no matter where he was drafted, Bedard would be able to draw the crowds…

That’s exactly what it means.


I was one of those who was particularly disappointed to see the Hawks win the lottery. But it’s true that the main player looks great in the team’s magnificent uniform.

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