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QMJHL: completely inappropriate initiations resurface
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Over the past few years, junior hockey has been the subject of numerous complaints concerning abuse of rookie players, in particular.

Initiations have been around for a very long time, but it’s only recently that players have begun to talk about their misadventures.

Most recently, it was Carl Latulippe’s story that got people talking, but a document filed on Tuesday details the troubling cases of several other ex-players. Ariane Lacoursière and Simon-Olivier Lorange have written an excellent summary of the stories for LaPresse.

Some tasteless initiations were mentioned in this document.

First: the grape race. The team’s new players presumably had to run completely naked with a grape in their anus. And the loser had to eat everyone else’s grapes. This was reported by a rookie who played in the 80s.

This same player also said that at one party, a member of the team staff (not another confused, attention-seeking young player) would take the rookie players to a house. And in the house, they all had to have sex with a woman, one after the other.

Another player who played in the QMJHL in the ’90s confessed that he was forced to go naked into the bus washroom and stay there until he got an erection.

Finally, a player (a rookie) who played in the 1970s claims that teammates placed an ice cube in his buttocks and frozen butter knives on the other side. His genitals were rubbed with a hot product. It was very painful and a burning sensation ensued.

In those days, as a first-year player, guys had the reflex to keep their mouths shut.

According to La Presse, another ex-player confessed that some of them developed alcohol and anger problems. Others ended their careers…

Worst of all, these disgusting initiations were known to the coaches. But they turned a blind eye.

The QMJHL’s Director of Communications , Raphaël Doucet, won’t comment on the files as he doesn’t have all the details, but he assures us that the QMJHL is currently doing everything in its power to properly educate and supervise the people involved. I imagine that by 2024, situations like this will no longer occur.

In any case, today’s young players are far too focused on their careers.


– A must-listen.

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