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Two Canadiens executives have family members who could be drafted
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When you think of a prospect for the next draft who has family in the NHL, it’s impossible to think of anyone other than Tij Iginla first. Jarome’s son will be drafted early tomorrow night.

But he’s not the only prospect with family ties in the NHL.

The NHL History Instagram account has posted several images to explain which prospects are related to an NHL prospect, player or executive.

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Of course, we know that Aatos Koivu (Saku’s son) and Cole Hutson (Lane’s brother) are guys who should be drafted within the next few days.

But did you know, for example, that Jacob Oster (OHL goalie) is a distant cousin of the Tkachuk brothers? That Ilya Bryzgalov’s son (Vladislav) is a BCHL goalie? That Macklin Celebrini has a brother (Aiden) who is a Canucks prospect?

It’s important to mention, however, that there are two other players who are getting a lot of attention from the Habs. And why? Because they’re family members of a Habs executive.

Noah Lapointe, who plays for the U.S. development program, is the son of Martin Lapointe, a major draft pick in the Habs organization.

We’re talking about a 6’1 left-handed defenseman.

Lapointe will be playing in Arizona in the NCAA next year. It’s not at all certain that he’ll be drafted, as he’s currently the 198th-ranked North American skating prospect.

And then there’s Callum Hughes, nephew of GM Kent Hughes. So he’s the cousin of Jack (not the Devils player) and Riley, Kent’s sons who have been drafted into the NHL in recent years.

We’re talking about a forward who played in the BCHL.

Theoretically, Hughes has a better chance of being selected on Saturday than Lapointe, since the nephew of the Habs GM is ranked 99th among skaters in North America. But a club still has to want him.

After 42 points in 54 games last year, he’s expected to play for Boston University next year. Yes, he is a member of the Hughes family.


– Did they forget Bob? Wow.

– Having defenders who play on both sides is a plus.

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