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If Demidov and Lindstrom are unavailable, the Habs will draft a defenseman
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We’re only 3 days away from the draft (finally!) and speculation is far from over as to the Tricolore’s famous first draft pick.

Demidov, Lindstrom, Buium, Sennecke? Who will the Habs choose? One thing’s for sure: he’ll be a good player who’ll be under a lot of pressure.

Personally, I doubt more and more that Demidov will be available, while Lindstrom is more likely to be ignored by the top four teams.

However, there is a very realistic scenario in which both Lindstrom and Demidov will be unavailable when Kent Hughes takes the microphone.

While Eric Engels mentioned yesterday that if the best player available was a defenseman, the Habs would draft him, Mathias Brunet has a similar view.

Speaking to BPM Sports, the La Presse journalist mentioned that, since the two forwards mentioned above are not available, he expects the team to draft a defenseman.

That’s not quite the same opinion, because nothing says that the best player available will be a defenseman, but we’re getting awfully close to the same conclusion.

Why wouldn’t the Habs draft a defenseman who could be key to the Habs’ future? We often talk about the Tricolore’s surplus of defensemen, but it’s for these situations that transactions exist.

At this level, Kent Hughes has become a master of the art. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Canadiens were to trade Zeev Buium, a defenseman from Denver University, for their second first-round pick and an active defenseman in order to get a good offensive player.

There’s no one right way to improve your offense, and it doesn’t necessarily involve a high draft if the opportunity doesn’t present itself.

In any case, it’ll be good to move on Friday night. We’ll finally be able to look ahead to the new season. Although we’re going to start talking about trios…

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