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There are risks that come with selecting an American from the NCAA
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The draft is not an exact science.

There are risks attached to (almost) every pick, because clubs don’t know if the prospect selected will ever be able to shine in the NHL.

Granted, there have been a few special cases in the last 20 years (Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid, for example), but hey. But that’s the reality of things, because there are too many factors that come into play in the end.

But in recent years, we’ve also seen that there’s a risk involved in selecting an American who plays (or is about to play) in the NCAA. Especially for “small” markets in Canada.

Why is this?

Because players have the right to force a trade, or to stay in college until they have the right to test the free agent market.

Kevin Hayes, Adam Fox, Cutter Gauthier, Blake Wheeler, Jimmy Vesey, (Rutger McGoarty?)…

The list is long:

It’s as if they had the “right” to decide their own fate.

Adam Fox is no worse.

The defenseman was selected in the 3rd round (2016) by the Flames and asked for a trade because he didn’t want to play in Calgary. The Flames granted his wish by sending him to Carolina… But when he got there, he told the Hurricanes he didn’t want to play for them either.

He wanted to play for the Rangers in the Big Apple, and that’s what happened.

Fox, who won the Norris Trophy in 20-21, is now established as one of the best defensemen in the National League… And the Flames lost a pick because he wanted nothing to do with the organization and the “small” market in Calgary.

Of course, not all NCAA players do the same.

But with just a few days to go before the next draft, it’s interesting to note that it’s a reality that does exist.


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