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Oilers force game #7

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Oilers force game #7
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This is the story of a team that lost 3-0 in the Stanley Cup Final to the Florida Panthers. This team represents a country… that lost hope after three games.

That team is the Oilers of 2024.

The 2024 Oilers decided to listen to their coach, who told them they could compete with a Panthers team that really looked stronger than they were. And it’s obviously working.

There’s still work to be done, but the Edmonton Oilers have achieved the impossible: they’ve forced Game #7 against the Panthers in the Stanley Cup Final.

Who’s talking too soon after three games? I’m not here to cast the first stone, because I’m just as guilty.

But how did the Oilers manage to put themselves in a position to (potentially) join the 1942 Maple Leafs in reeling off a final series after dropping the first three games – and after a disastrous start to the season? By working harder.

Right from the first period, it was clear that the Oilers wanted it more. Leon Draisaitl took matters into his own hands and produced this little gem to open the scoring.

When we tell you the Panthers weren’t there: after 20 minutes, two shots on goal had been taken by the Panthers against 11 for the Oilers.

How can you win when you play like that?

In the second period, the Oilers doubled their lead in less than a minute, but the Panthers responded within seconds. The problem? There was a review for offside and the goal was overturned.

The fans celebrated like a goal, the score remained 2-0 and Paul Maurice, who usually keeps his cool, was a little miffed.

Worse? It wasn’t until the 30th minute of play that a Panthers forward took his first shot on goal of the game. That’s no way to win a Stanley Cup, is it?

The Oilers, who turned the tide dramatically in the series, even went 3-0 up in the second period. Nothing was going right for the Panthers at that point, let’s face it.

But Aleksander Barkov, who had been denied a goal earlier in the game, took matters into his own (excellent) hands and put his team on the scoreboard in the third period.

What a goal.

The Oilers added more when they made it 5-1 via two deserted nets. This confirmed that the next game, Game #7, will indeed take place next Monday, June 24, in Florida. And that’s when the Stanley Cup will surely come out of its trunk.

Will we have a national hero scenario? Oh no, St. John’s Day is only in Quebec…


– The fans screamed at the end of the game that they wanted the Stanley Cup. It was loud from start to finish.

– Two days off until the next game… which will be four days before the draft. #Ark

– Will the Panthers lose the Finals for the second season in a row? Will Corey Perry win a second career Cup?

– Connor McDavid was cleared, but his club stood up. He’s not the only good player on the team.

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