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“As far as I’m concerned, within a week, there are going to be some transactions announced”
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We’re currently in what I’ll call the calm before the storm. After all, there are a maximum of two hockey games on the menu this week (assuming the Oilers win tomorrow night, of course) and everyone in the NHL is waiting for it to end so they can prepare for what’s next.

And what’s next will be a storm.

The transaction market is going to be huge. The top prospects eligible for the draft will be selected on June 28 and 29. Players without contracts will change address on July 1.

It’s bound to be a stormy one, and all those whose work is related to hockey will undoubtedly experience their biggest moments of the year. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to roll.

The 32 teams have been preparing for this for some time now. And when it all blows up, it’s going to spank hard.

The question is, when is it going to start? And according to Renaud Lavoie, who spoke to Anthony Marcotte and Anthony Desaulniers this morning on BPM Sports, it’s just around the corner.

In fact, in his eyes, it should start falling within the next few days.

In my opinion, within a week, there will be some transactions announced. – Renaud Lavoie

Right now, 30 of the NHL’s 32 teams are up for grabs. You’ll understand that the Oilers and Panthers are the two teams, for obvious reasons, that can’t dance right now.

The journalist states that, in his opinion, the NHL will not necessarily wait until the draft to announce certain transactions.

Of course, the question is whether these transactions will involve the Habs. Will there be a Kirby Dach or Alex Newhook deal for the Habs between now and the draft?

And if so, will it involve Trevor Zegras? Martin Necas? Patrik Laine? Someone else? We’ll see.

Renaud Lavoie, again in his BPM Sports column, mentioned that Leon Draisaitl in Edmonton will be the focus of attention.

Obviously, he can’t be traded right now, as he’s playing in the finals… and that doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily be traded this summer either. However, he’s a year away from the end of his contract, and the rumours are increasingly pointing elsewhere.

Once the Oilers’ playoff run is over, Jeff Jackson and Ken Holland (if he remains as GM, which I doubt) will have to sit down with him to see what he wants to do.

And if he doesn’t want to sign, a decision will have to be made.

The journalist mentions that the market is waiting to see what happens with Draisaitl. And if the Oilers ever have to pull the plug on the German’s presence in Alberta, teams will be calling.

It’s worth noting that Lavoie, as Georges Laraque has mentioned in the past, has mentioned the Bruins in the file. Will the Boston club get the last year of their contract before adding eight more?

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