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Matvei Michkov pays no attention to rumours linking him to the NHL for 2024-2025
Credit: Photo by Danny Murphy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
The Matvei Michkov issue is one that has polarized social networks and the hockey world in general in recent weeks.

Rumors are swirling about the Russian winger’s eventual arrival in the National Hockey League with the Philadelphia Flyers, with many people reporting that he could make it to the NHL as early as next season.

It’s a situation we’re keeping a close eye on, given that Michkov is supposed to have a KHL contract with SKA St. Petersburg until 2026.

It would be quite a turnaround for him to make it to the NHL so quickly.

In fact, this contract is one of the reasons why some teams preferred not to select Michkov in the 2023 draft.

Seeing him arrive in North America as early as the 2024-2025 season would therefore be a big surprise and would clearly rekindle the fire of Montreal Canadiens fans who were furious that Kent Hughes and his team didn’t draft the Russian.

In short, there are plenty of rumours about the Russian forward, who even liked a publication about his arrival in Philadelphia.

However, despite all the noise about him, Michkov says he’s not paying any attention to the various rumors.

Indeed, the main interested party doesn’t understand where all these rumors are coming from, and therefore doesn’t let himself be affected by all that’s being said about him on social networks, preferring to concentrate on his preparation for next season.

“I don’t know where such rumours come from. Apparently, someone in North America decided that everything was more visible and audible from home, but that’s not the case.” – Matvei Michkov

He said this mainly in reference to rumors that he had a bad relationship with his head coach, Roman Rotenberg, in the KHL with SKA, which would justify his eventual departure for the NHL.

Mishkov is adamant that he has a very good relationship with his head coach, and that these rumours are untrue.

In short, this is an issue to keep an eye on, as every week, if not every day, there seems to be something new.

Michkov’s every move will continue to be scrutinized and analyzed for some time to come.

On the move

– Habs prospect leaves OHL for KHL.

– To be continued.

– It’s going really, really bad for CF Montreal.

– Not to be missed today.

– Let’s hope he’ll be there.

– A great feat.

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