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Martin Necas linked to Bruins by Elliotte Friedman
Credit: Photo by Josh Lavallee/NHLI via Getty Images

At the moment, Martin Necas’ name is circulating en masse in Montreal.

It makes sense, really. After all, not only is it a real possibility on the table, but there’s a growing understanding that his days in Carolina are numbered.

In Montreal, he’d clearly fill a position.

But of course, Montreal isn’t the only possible destination. After all, not only would the Habs have to convince the Hurricanes to give up the player, they’d also have to negotiate a nice contract with the main interested party.

Unless they go the hostile bid route to avoid negotiating with the Hurricanes’ GM… who’s going to be in that chair in the next few weeks?

But hey. All that to say, it won’t be easy for anyone to get their hands on the player. There’s a good chance the Habs will be “robbed” by a rival.

And what if that rival is the Bruins? We know that the Bruins want to reinforce their attack, and even if Necas plays more on the wing, it could be something for them to consider. After all, talent is talent.

Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek, on the heels of today’s episode of the 32 Thoughts podcast, discussed the possibility, linking Linus Ullmark to Carolina in the process.

Careful: that doesn’t mean it would be a one-versus-another treaty. After all, it doesn’t mean that Ullmark, who refused to go to L.A. at the deadline and would also have refused to see if New Jersey could be a possibility, could be interested in Raleigh.

It’s true that building a deal around these elements could be interesting for both teams. It would probably be less so for the Habs, who probably don’t want to see the Martin Necas of this world land in Massachusetts.

Yes, the summer will be fascinating in many ways.

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