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Dossier Valeri Nichushkin: “It’s very plausible that he’ll be back next season”.
Credit: Photo by Ashley Potts/NHLI via Getty Images
Only four teams remain in the running for the Stanley Cup in the National Hockey League playoffs.

The New York Rangers, Florida Panthers, Dallas Stars and Edmonton Oilers are all still vying for top honours in 2024.

On the other hand, since the start of the playoffs, 12 teams have been eliminated and sent on vacation.

One of these recent eliminated teams is the Colorado Avalanche, who were eliminated in six games by the Dallas Stars.

The story of Valeri Nichushkin’s departure from the Avalanche is what has drawn the most attention in this series.

The Russian forward played the first three games of the series before once again being placed on the NHL’s Player Assistance Program, this time in Stage 3, resulting in a six-month suspension.

It’s a situation that caused quite a stir, given that Nichushkin was a major loss for the Avalanche, despite being the team’s leading scorer with nine goals in eight games.

Since this saga, there had been no news about the Russian forward until today.

Avalanche general manager Chris MacFarland explained that, despite the saga, it was very plausible that Nichushkin would return next season.

Indeed, MacFarland, while very disappointed and angry at his player’s actions (he reportedly failed a drug test), explained that he expects to see the Russian forward back in action with the Avalanche after his six-month suspension.

The team’s priority is to ensure that its player gets the help he needs.

Nevertheless, the next six months will be crucial for Nichushkin, to see if he can regain the trust of his entire team, both general manager and teammates.

The Russian forward has made a number of mistakes in the past, and his team-mates seem fed up.

In short, it’s a case to watch.

As for Gabriel Landeskog, the Avalanche captain was also present at this press conference, and fortunately, he didn’t announce his retirement, as many had feared.

He explained that if he’d had to retire, he would have dressed better.

Landeskog still doesn’t know exactly when he’ll return to action, but his GM has set a potential return to action between September and November 2024.

Stay tuned, then, as the captain is fed up with having to suffer like this, watching his team without being able to play.

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