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Owen Beck on an NHL third line: “a very, very, very optimistic projection”
Credit: Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire

Jasons d’Owen Beck un peu.

When the Habs drafted Beck, there was quite a buzz around him. He impressed with his 200-foot game at Habs training camp and had a fine 2022-2023 season in the OHL.

He also had a game in the NHL.

This season, however, he was less in the news. Media attention was focused on other players, and since he didn’t outrageously dominate in the OHL, he didn’t get the attention he deserved.

When you look at his stats, you can still see a progression in his numbers.

  • 2022-2023, in Mississauga and Peterborough: 66 points in 60 games and 16 points in 22 playoff games.
  • 2023-2024, in Peterborough and Saginaw: 81 points in 57 games and 14 points in 17 playoff games.

That said, listening to Simon Boisvert and Mathias Brunet on the Process podcast, it’s clear that both men would like to see more from the Habs prospect.

Here’s the podcast in question. It’s worth listening to…especially the bit about Matvei Michkov, if you ask me.

In the case of Beck, who is the Habs’ only Memorial Cup hope, the guys would have liked to see him dominate in his final OHL season a little more outrageously than he did.

Not so, according to their reading of the situation. When they saw him play, they weren’t impressed.

They talked about the fact that he hasn’t been a one-point-per-game guy (I guess they were talking about the playoffs) and that at his age 19 season, even though he’s defensively responsible, we should have seen more of him.

But why? Because if he aspires to a third line in the NHL, he has to dominate at the end of the junior season.

If you’re not even dominant offensively at 19, how do you expect to be worthy of a third line?

So for me, Beck, the road to the NHL is a long one. A third line, I think, is a very, very, very… optimistic projection in his case. – Simon Boisvert

Obviously, it’s not too late for anyone. A good Memorial Cup, a good 2024 camp with the Habs and a good start to the season (in Laval, no doubt) will bring him back into the discussion.

And since the Habs aren’t overflowing with quality prospects up front, he has what it takes to stand out. It’s up to him now.

In gusto

– Official.

– Updates in Dallas.

– He’s strong.

-Imagine both in Florida…

– Well done.

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