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Todd McLellan seen in an airport on a flight to Toronto
Credit: Photo by Josh Lavallee/NHLI via Getty Images
With another early exit and a fired coach, among other things, many questions remain in Toronto.

Will Mitchell Marner (or anyone else) stay with the team? Who will replace Sheldon Keefe at the helm? Let’s just say that from now until the start of next season, the rumour mill is never going to stop.

In fact, it’s already underway. In fact, we know that Guy Boucher is well liked by senior management, and that Joel Quenneville is a candidate not to be ruled out. Todd McLellan could also be a coach on the radar of Brendan Shanahan and Brad Treliving. In fact, he was spotted today in a Los Angeles airport, on his way to Toronto.

It was our colleagues at Hockey Feed who came up with the find.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed and his trip to Toronto can only be for an interview. The city of Toronto certainly likes to watch the skies to “spy” on athletes and coaches.

Remember that last December, Blue Jays fans got their hopes up when tipster Jon Morosi told the baseball world that the greatest player of his generation, Shohei Ohtani, was headed for Toronto.

The difference between Todd McLellan, an uneventful coach (sorry, Todd) and Ohtani is gigantic, but we’re still watching the flights very carefully.

Canadian fans are passionate people.

It’s not everyone who takes advantage of their Sundays to watch the journey of the flying machines.

Unlike the Ohtani situation, we have fairly tangible evidence that McLellan is indeed headed for Toronto. I can’t wait to see if he’s the next Maple Leafs pilot.

One thing’s for sure, some Toronto fans (on X) don’t want to see the former Kings instructor at the helm of their team.

In short

– It’s clear.

– Happy birthday to all the moms reading this.

– Good one.

– Glad to have him in Montreal, this one.

– Me at NHL 24 spamming the X button on my controller.

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