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Nikita Zadorov takes MacKinnon into his team long before McDavid does
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

There’s no doubt in my mind that Connor McDavid is the best player on the planet.

And at the end of his career, I’m convinced he’ll be the best player of all time. Despite his infinite talent, Nathan MacKinnon isn’t far behind. Both centers have similar styles.

One big difference between the two: a Stanley Cup. That’s the argument many people use when they answer the question: “Who would you take on your team: McDavid or MacKinnon? In any case, it’s one that Nikita Zadorov, a Canucks defenseman, will be facing off against 97 soon.

One thing’s for sure, both players are excellent options, but let go of the argument that one is a winner and the other is a loser.

If a player plays in the NHL, he’s a winner, period.

MacKinnon has had much better teams than McDavid, and it’s not as if he’ll disappear in the playoffs, like a certain Auston Matthews, who returns tonight, or Mitchell Marner, for example…

As for Zadorov, he’ll have a front-row seat to potentially swallow his words. In the next few days, he and the Canucks will begin a seven-game series against McDavid’s Oilers. The winner of this series will then be just four wins away from an appearance in the Stanley Cup Final.

Vancouver and Edmonton have a considerable chance of becoming the first Canadian team since 1993 to win a Stanley Cup.

In a row

– The 28.

– I don’t think you would have been traded, Ovi.

– Go Montreal!

– They bounced back nicely.

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