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Official: La Poche Bleue becomes owner of an NAHL team
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On Monday morning, colleague Maxime Truman published a text on DLC in which he mentioned the (very strong) possibility of La Poche Bleue guys Maxim Lapierre and Guillaume Latendresse becoming owners of an NAHL team.

In fact, he’d hinted at it a few weeks earlier on the Stanley25 podcast… but clearly, the process seemed to accelerate recently.

Earlier today, Lapierre noted that an “important announcement” would be made at their 8pm show tonight.

And in the end, that’s what happened: the two hosts announced that La Poche Bleue now owns an NAHL team.

The home games will be played in Saint-Hyacinthe, as our colleague Maxime Truman mentioned earlier this week.

Obviously, they were inundated with questions, and for all the hockey stuff, the guys confessed that they can’t announce much right now… because they’re still waiting to hear from the league.

The format of the expansion draft, for example, has yet to be determined.

That said, they have confirmed one thing: we’re likely to see them often at the team’s home games in Saint-Hyacinthe. They want to be close to their fans, and unless commitments (for example, their duties at TVA Sports) conflict with their team’s games, they intend to be present at them.

This is great news for the league, which will gain greater visibility and expand. As a reminder, two clubs are due to be added next season, and Saint-Hyacinthe is one of them.

For all the details, I’m reposting HERE the text of colleague Maxime Truman, who revealed some solid information on the subject. And obviously, he wasn’t in the ballpark with his basic premise that La Poche Bleue would have its team, hehe.

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