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Montreal pressure: David Reinbacher believes he’ll get used to it “one day”.
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Last year, the Canadiens drafted David Reinbacher fifth overall. The club once again improved its bank of defensive prospects, but more importantly, it got its hands on a player who seems to be a good kid.

We’ve gotten to know him over the past year: he seems to be a bit reserved, but above all, he seems to be a kid without a shred of arrogance.

In fact, his personality is a little different from that of Juraj Slafkovský, drafted a year earlier: the Slovak is a guy who seems at ease in public, while the Austrian seems a little more shy.

And of course, for a more reserved person, the Montreal market can be quite imposing. We know that the pressure is higher and that fans are invested in their team’s performance.

It’s bound to be an adjustment for Reinbacher… and in his end-of-season review with Laval, the young defenseman said he believes he’ll get used to it “one day”.

His exact words were “yes, definitely… one day”.

Obviously, the reality of the Montreal market is something all players have to get used to, especially for the organization’s promising young players.

For a guy like Slafkovský, who’s had the spotlight on him for years in Slovakia and has a pretty unshakeable confidence, the adjustment may have been easier, but for a more reserved guy like Reinbacher, it can be harder(especially when fans had a pretty mixed reaction to your draft selection).

And clearly, this may have played a part in the decision to send him back to Europe a few months ago to give him some breathing space. The kid was trying not to put too much pressure on himself, but when you’re drafted fifth overall by the Habs, there’s bound to be some one way or another.

The good news is that in 2023-24, Reinbacher was able to continue his development away from this reality to which he says he’s not accustomed, but he was still able to experience it a little at the end of the season to get used to it a little. He’s not particularly comfortable being recognized in public, but he knows it’s the kind of thing that can happen when you play for the Canadiens.

Or when you’re one of the club’s top prospects, at the very least.

This summer, at least, Reinbacher will be returning to Europe to train in his homeland. He intends to keep in touch with members of the organization, but it’s away from the pressure of Montreal that he’ll be preparing for 2024-25.

We hope he’ll be able to enjoy it before diving back into it all in the autumn.

In brief

– Two years already.

– That’s if they aren’t already.

– That’s a good one.

– Did it?

– David Pastrnak is ready for tonight.

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