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Martin St-Louis signs three-year contract with the Canadiens
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Prior to today’s press briefing, Kent Hughes announced that Martin St-Louis, who had just one season left on his contract, will be in town for another three years.

Why? Because, in addition to his next contract year (2024-2025), he also had two option years (from 2025 to 2027), which we didn’t know – and which the coach didn ‘t say yesterday. And according to the DG, the two-year option has been activated.

So he’ll be there until 2026-2027.

It’s worth noting that a coach doesn’t normally manage on the last year of a contract. This is out of respect for the coach, but also so as not to create a distraction around his condition.

That’s what the Habs have done.

It’s not surprising, since everyone knows what a great job management thinks the coach is doing at the helm of the club and in terms of player development.

So it was a no brainer.

When Jeff Gorton arrived in town, he signed a five-year contract. It’s safe to assume that GM Kent Hughes also has a multi-year contract.

MSL’s agreement obviously puts him in the same boat.

Details to follow…

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