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Patrick Roy manages to make a match interesting when it shouldn’t be
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Tonight, the Canadiens are in action on Long Island. The Islanders, battling for a playoff spot, will have a big game at stake and victory will be quite important for the club.

For the Habs? Less important, let’s say. Aside from the fact that Brendan Gallagher may have to answer for his actions in January, there’s not much at stake since the playoffs are out of reach.

By the way, is Gally going to fight or not? And if so, against Pelech or someone else? #TheCode

It’s one to watch for the Habs, who hope Gallagher doesn’t get injured like Paul Byron back in the day in the name of the code… but that’s not why fan buses are leaving Quebec for tonight’s game.

Clearly, it’s for Islanders coach Patrick Roy.

He’s the reason so many fans hit the road. It’s for him that the BPM Sports morning show is being hosted live from Long Island this morning and tomorrow morning.

When Roy was named coach of the Islanders, there was a huge wave of interest in following him. The first week was crazy, especially because the Islanders were visiting Montreal.

Since then, things have calmed down a bit. We’re still following him, but less so.

Tonight’s game, however, reminds us that Patrick Roy will always be the talk of Montreal and Quebec City. The clash with Martin St-Louis, another Hall of Fame coach, is also an issue.

I’m not sure how much Roy will want “the code” to apply, though, as the Islanders need to keep their cool to go for the win. And they need it.

The Islanders are three points ahead of the Penguins, the first club out of the playoff picture.

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