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Coyotes: 14 straight losses after knowing they could potentially move
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The Coyotes file is progressing rapidly.

Yesterday, we finally learned that the team would be relocating to Salt Lake City, and confirmation could come as early as April 18.

But the Coyotes had already known for some time.

André Tourigny was on Martin Lemay’s show (BPM Sports) and confided that it was on January 24 that members of the organization heard the rumour that they might be moving.

In fact, that was the same day we learned that Salt Lake City had applied to the NHL for expansion… #NotACoincidence

Obviously, the news had a devastating effect on the Coyotes, because on January 24, the club began a 14-game losing streak. After a relatively good start to the season, the guys were out of their hockey heads (as they should be).

The secret was safe, after all…

André Tourigny told Martin Lemay that he should have handled the situation better… And that’s flat to hear, especially because the Coyotes coach had no control over what was going on in the front office.

He’s not the one to blame in all this, after all.

The Coyotes pilot also told the radio host that he’s not worried about his future, even though he could lose his job… But he feels really bad for the players and for the employees who have to live with the discouraging situation.

And André Tourigny, we know what a sincere guy he is.

Maybe that also explains why the Coyotes don’t have any (NHL) defensemen under contract for next season.

Maveric Lamoureux (20), Maksymilian Szuber (21) and Montana Onyebuchi (24) are the only defensemen with a deal for the 24-25 campaign.

It’s all very well to laugh at the Coyotes’ organization over the years, but it’s sad to see what’s going on over there. The coaches and players don’t yet know if they’ll be moving, but it’s easy to think about it for obvious reasons.

It causes distractions… And there’s no player/coach/staff member who should have to go through that in the NHL.

In gusto

– He’s ready!

– Love the quote.

– Connor McDavid is not seriously injured.

– Come on!

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