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Rutger McGroarty: his demands dampen his chances of being traded
Credit: Getty Images

If there’s one player who could be traded in the next few days, it’s Rutger McGroarty.

The Winnipeg Jets prospect, who won’t sign his entry-level contract with the Manitoba outfit because they won’t promise him big NHL playing time any time soon, is likely to be traded.

But as yet, nothing has been announced.

What’s important to understand is that if the NCAA product (who will return in 2024-2025 if nothing changes) has such high demands for the Jets, it will be the same elsewhere.

After all, if he doesn’t want to play for the Manitoba Moose, he doesn’t want to play for… the Laval Rocket, for example.

And according to reporter Mike McIntyre, who covers the Winnipeg Jets, the frustration felt by the Jets would also be felt by the clubs talking to the Jets about the prospect.

That’s one of the reasons why he hasn’t been traded yet.

Of course, you’d think the Habs would be in the mix. After all, we know that the Habs and the Wild were two teams with their noses to the grindstone at the draft.

Is the Habs, who want to build a club the right way and establish a strong culture, chilled by the possibility of picking up a youngster with no pro experience who wants to dictate his playing time?

Perhaps, yes.

In recent weeks, it’s logical to think that the American prospect has come close to being traded. It’s also possible that it could happen at any time.

Will he put water in his wine? I don’t think so. After all, he’s already planning to go back to university… and in two years, he could be fully autonomous.

I don’t see him wavering on that in the short term.

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