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Maxime Talbot puts Sidney Crosby in the same category as Michael Jordan
Credit: Getty Images

When you think of the sport’s greats, the name that comes up most often is probably Michael Jordan. The Chicago Bulls legend wreaked havoc in the NBA and is recognized as basketball’s GOAT (greatest of all time).

The best compliment anyone can receive in the world of sports is to be compared to Michael Jordan.

That’s exactly what Maxime Talbot said about Sidney Crosby on BPM Sports Tuesday afternoon.

When asked if Crosby was in the same league as the Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Roger Federer of this world, Talbot didn’t even hesitate before confirming that he was.

As for leading a team to a championship, you have to agree 100% with Talbot’s assertion. Crosby is one of the few athletes to have won three championships and more than one MVP award before the age of 30, just like Michael Jordan.

What puts Crosby in this category, according to Talbot? His consistency.

Talbot is aware that he was excellent during the ultimate game to win the Stanley Cup in 2009, but what impresses him is that Crosby has consistently kept the top level up to be able to lead his team to multiple championships.

This isn’t the first time Crosby has been compared to Michael Jordan. A certain P.K. Subban did so back in February, when he appeared on the Pat McAfee Show.

Despite all these comparisons, Michael Jordan leads Crosby with six championships to the Penguins’ three.

Crosby may never be the greatest hockey player of all time, but he certainly possesses the same kind of qualities as all the sport’s greats.

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