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Angela Price opens up about an old split with Carey Price
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Angela Price often does Q&A sessions on her Instagram account.

In these types of sessions, she’s very open, especially when talking about her family.

In a recent Q&A on Instagram, she confided that she and Carey Price separated during the second year she lived in Montreal.

In fact, there was a big fight between Carey and Angela at the time.

This “forced” Angela to move back home out West for a few months.

(Credit: Instagram)

In her story, Angela goes on to say that her friends would send her magazine covers with her and Price on the cover.

She thought it was funny, because the “magazines” didn’t know the couple were separated and used headlines like “Carey Price is in love!”. She says the rumors never seem to be true, and many stories have never been revealed publicly.

In this session, Angela Price talks about the second year she lived in Montreal.

Is she referring to the goalie’s second season with the Canadiens? Price’s second season was one of the worst, if not the worst, of his career.

The goalie posted a .905 save percentage, while allowing an average of 2.83 goals per game.

The breakdown Angela mentions on her Instagram account could very well have something to do with the poor performances of a young Carey Price in 2008-09.

It just goes to show that a player’s off-ice life can have a big impact on his performance.

The Price family now lives in Kelowna and is doing just fine.

Carey can no longer play because of his health problems, and is now concentrating on his wife and three children.


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