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Advanced statistics model: 69 points (only) for the Habs in 24-25
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The JFresh account on Twitter, which specializes in advanced statistics, has made a projection of the points that will be collected by each of the clubs in the 24-25 season.

The obvious conclusion?

According to his model, the Canadiens would have another tough season.

In the exercise, we see that the Habs would finish last in their division, far behind the Sabres (82 points) and the Red Wings (88 points).

JFresh predicts that the Habs will accumulate 69 points in the coming campaign… Good for 31st overall in the NHL standings.

Only the Sharks (57) have fewer points than the Tricolore when you look at the following table :

For what it’s worth, we agree.

After all, there can always be surprises in the National League, and we see them every year. Injuries also play a role, as we saw in Montreal this season with Kirby Dach.

But even if the Atlantic Division improved this summer, JFresh ‘s projections would also mean that the Habs would take a step back in the next campaign.

The Habs finished the 23-24 season with a 76 point haul… And it must be remembered that they had to navigate the entire season without Kirby Dach on the top-6.

The Habs’ young group has matured and is slowly gaining experience.

That said, I’m not suggesting that the club will automatically make the playoffs next year… But I still find it hard to believe that the Habs will be as bad as they were in the 22-23 season, when they collected 68 points and ended up with the very first overall pick.

If the players are able to stay healthy and we add Dach to the second line, it will already help. And that’s why I don’t see the Habs regressing in 24-25 to the point where the club collects 69 points and finishes 31st overall in the NHL.

Because if that’s really what happens… Montreal fans will be going wild.


– Big deal for the Oilers. A daylight robbery!

– Nice contract for the defenseman.

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