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Juraj Slafkovsky is happy that his parents no longer have to work
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Juraj Slafkovsky is in Montreal to stay. With his eight-year contract extension, he’s set to stay with the Canadiens for the next nine seasons. His new eight-year contract also comes with an attractive salary.

60.8 million over eight years is no mean feat! It’s the second most lucrative contract in NHL history for a Slovak, behind Marian Hossa, who signed a 12-year, $64 million deal with the Blackhawks.

Slafkovsky’s average annual contract of $7.6 million is the highest in Bettman history for a player from Slovakia. What’s he going to do with all that money? He’s not going to keep it for himself.

That’s what he told Slovakian media outlet Markíza TV.

During the interview, he made a point of saying that he’s glad his parents don’t have to work anymore. With his last two seasons at $950,000, it’s understandable that he already has the means to support his family.

Except that with over $60 million over the next nine years, his family will be able to live extremely well. No doubt about it.

He would like to thank his family and all those who have helped him reach this plateau in his career.

The young Slovak is aware that he would never have had such a contract if he hadn’t had his chance on the first line, where he was most successful in the second half of the season.

While Slafkovsky gives a lot of credit to his family for his success, he also took the time to thank his linemates, Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki, for their help last season.

How can you not love this man?


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