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Thomas Chabot: Montreal among the 10 teams on his no-trade clause
Credit: Photo by Chris Tanouye/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images
On this crazy opening day of the free agent market, many things are being watched very closely.

Of course, free agent signings across the National Hockey League are getting a lot of attention, especially in Nashville at the moment, where Barry Trotz and the Predators are stealing the show.

Rumour has it they’ve signed Steven Stamkos and Jonathan Marchessault.

Despite all this, there are some things that fly under the radar that are still worth mentioning, especially if they have anything to do with the Montreal Canadiens.

Well, one of those things that’s rightly flying under the radar right now, considering all the action surrounding the opening of the free agent market, is Quebec defenseman Thomas Chabot’s leaked no-trade list.

Chabot lists ten teams he wouldn’t want to be traded to, and among them is Montreal.

According to this, the Ottawa Senators’ Quebec defenseman wouldn’t want to be traded to the Habs.

Of course, should a (rather unlikely, if not impossible) transaction occur between the Senators and the Habs surrounding Chabot, the latter could decide to lift this no-trade clause.

The fact remains that right now, we understand that Chabot, who is from Quebec, doesn’t seem to have any interest in playing in Montreal.

It’s a shame to hear that, but it’s not the first time we’ve learned that a Quebec player isn’t interested in playing for the Habs.

And when we analyze the Ottawa Senators defenseman’s no-trade list even further, we notice that he also doesn’t seem to be interested in the idea of playing in the warmth of Florida or California, for example.

It’s a surprising list indeed.

The fact remains that, despite a few rumours, Chabot is not on his way out of Ottawa just yet.

Chabot, 27, still has four seasons left on his $8 million-a-year contract.

However, if the Senators continue to fail, Chabot could potentially ask to be traded.


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