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The Habs are busy on the Patrick Laine’s file
Credit: Getty Images

The Habs aren’t big on the free-agent market. As expected!

Even if Alex Barré-Boulet is in town (did we mention the club wants its depth to be Quebec guys, if possible?), it’s not the big names the Habs are hanging on to.

But via transaction? That’s another matter.

According to David Ettedgui, the Habs are active on the file of someone who, last we heard, was still in the NHL’s assistance program. There’s still some gymnastics to be done,” added the former agent.

That’s interesting.

Given that the Habs are full defensively and the need is on the attack, one wonders if the Blue Jackets might be interested in one of the Habs’ defensemen.

In an ideal world, they’d be interested in Joel Armia and Christian Dvorak, but hey.

Laine earns $8.7 million a year until 2026. Columbus would have to hold back some salary, but he’s still a talented player who could get back on track under Martin St-Louis and his team.

Will this acquisition, which would tick all the Canadiens’ boxes, come to fruition? Stay tuned.

Remember, with Sean Monahan in Columbus, this opens the door even wider to a deal. Laine wants out, and it’s certainly worth the gamble for the Habs.

But why not? It’s not as if Columbus could be greedy…


– Of note.

– Interesting.

– We’re already looking ahead to 2025?

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