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Hawks scandal: Joel Quenneville gets the green light to return to the NHL
Credit: Getty Images
Following the saga surrounding the Blackhawks (Kyle Beach) scandal, Joel Quenneville had to step down from his position with the Panthers.

That said, the possibility of him returning behind an NHL bench is on the table.

Because even with what happened in Chicago, he’s got the green light to return to the NHL.

The same goes for Stan Bowman and Al MacIsaac, who were part of the Hawks organization at the time.

All three men will be eligible for signing as early as July 10, according to Frank Seravalli.

How can I put this…

The NHL is not making any friends with this news.

In the eyes of many, anyone involved in the Kyle Beach controversy doesn’t deserve to be back in the NHL… Which makes sense.

But Quenneville doesn’t think that way.

He said in April that he “felt bad” about everything that happened several years ago… And that, in his opinion, he deserved the chance to coach an NHL club even with everything that happened.

That said, you really have to wonder whether his reputation and what happened before his eyes in Chicago could hurt him going forward.

After all, not every team in the National League will want to partner with him, for obvious reasons.

Because even if he openly said he didn’t know about “the whole affair”, it’s his image that has suffered in recent years.

The same goes for Stan Bowman and Al MacIsaac.


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