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Corey Perry signs new contract in Edmonton
Credit: Getty Images
Corey Perry finished last season in Edmonton.

He wasn’t able to win the Stanley Cup with the Oilers, but he played an important role within the organization.

He is, after all, a true leader who is able to rally his teammates in important moments.

Even though he’s 39, we knew Perry wasn’t interested in retiring.

And now we learn that he’ll be back in Edmonton.

The veteran has signed a one-year contract, valued at $1.4 million:

The signing makes sense for the Oilers.

After all, the club should still have a chance to go all the way next season (if Draisaitl doesn’t leave this summer), and they’ll need a veteran like Perry to bring stability to the dressing room.

Because Corey Perry’s job isn’t to produce offensively.

But we’re not talking about the same player who won the Hart Trophy AND the Maurice Richard Trophy in the 2010-2011 season.

He’s got a new role, and the good thing is that he understands it, and he’s fulfilling it wonderfully.

Here’s hoping for the Oilers’ sake that “Perry’s bad luck” doesn’t affect the club next season, because Perry has been to four finals in five years and never won.

Can he turn the tide?


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