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Change of agent for Arber and Florian Xhekaj
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It’s no secret that Kent Hughes has been extremely busy lately. With the draft and the free agent market opening up, he and Jeff Gorton have their work cut out for them.

At least they’re not faced with the prospect of having to retain many of their players who have become free agents.

Colin White, Tanner Pearson, Jesse Ylonen (RFA) and Chris Wideman will all become free agents tomorrow. But as we all know, they won’t be returning to the metropolis. The only one who will be kept (barring a surprise) is Arber Xhekaj (RFA).

And on the eve of the expiry of his contract, he has changed agent.

He and his brother Florian will now be represented by Brian and Scott Bartlett of Bartlett Hockey.

In Florian’s case, he’s just signed his NHL entry-level contract and won’t need to worry about his contract until 2027.

As for his older brother, the situation is a little more sensitive, since tomorrow his contract will be up. So perhaps we can assume that negotiations between his former agent and Montreal management are not going well.

Viktor Saljanin signed both brothers’ NHL contracts. Now, the agent who works for Innovative Hockey Consultants no longer has any clients. The brothers were his only two clients.

As for Brian and Scott Bartlett, they manage no fewer than 36 contracts with a combined value of around $516 million.


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– I hope Slaf isn’t too sad.

– The Leafs are now turning their attention to Tyler Bertuzzi.

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