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Habs draft Aatos Koivu with the 70th pick
Credit: Getty Images
This news will please many Canadiens fans.

With the 70th overall pick…

Kent Hughes and the Habs have selected Aatos Koivu, son of Saku :

Aatos is a 6’0′, 170-pound center fielder who throws from the right.

The Snake maintains that he doesn’t have the same hustle as his father….

But the Habs must have really liked him from the standpoint that the club didn’t have a second-round pick. This means that Aatos is the Habs’ 3rd pick in the 2024 draft, which says a lot about the club’s interest in him.

Incidentally, the new administration is not in the habit of making “sentimental” choices.

The Habs really liked him, to put it another way.

More details to come…

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