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Aatos Koivu: I don’t believe in a sentimental choice
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Canadien fans seem to be in a good mood these days.

I don’t know if it’s because Shea Weber was inducted into the Hall of Fame or because the Habs had a good start to the draft (including Ivan Demidov), but the fans are happy.

And clearly, drafting Aatos Koivu makes a lot of people happy.

Although his father Saku wasn’t the most popular player among those who saw the Habs’ dynasties, he did have an impact on younger hockey fans.

He was also captain of the Flanelle for a decade.

Although Saku was there during one of the worst periods in the franchise’s history, he is best known (for those who don’t like him) for dividing the dressing room and for not speaking French.

But no matter how you feel about the father, there’s history when the son is drafted. And if you don’t believe me, believe our live stats on the site after pick #70…

But there are plenty of comments coming out saying that the Habs were sentimental and that it was too early to do so.

Having said that, there’s something that’s been bothering me: I don’t think Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton are at the stage of making sentimental third-round draft picks.

They’re trying to rebuild the club. Would they have used their third right to speak in 2024 for a “son of” if they didn’t trust him? That’s not what we’ve seen in the past.

Instead, I think Koivu has impressed Habs management in interviews and on the ice. And yesterday, Kent Hughes said that it can help a player to have a good interview.

Am I saying that Aatos Koivu is a good player? I don’t remember saying anything about his qualities as a hockey player since I started writing this.

There are those who love him. And there are those, like Snake, who don’t.

But what I’m saying is that it’s not like Habs management to go in with decisions simply to please passionate Habs fans.

If the Habs decided according to the fans, Shane Wright and Matvei Michkov would be in Montreal. Tyler Toffoli would not have been traded. Alexander Romanov would have stayed in town. There would be more QMJHL prospects in the club’s ranks. How long can I go on like this?


Chances are the Habs will screw up with Koivu, but chances are he’s a good player. And I’d be surprised if the decision was made because of what Pôpa has done in the past.

We’ll see in a few years.

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