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The Canadiens have received several trade offers for the fifth pick
Credit: Getty Images

I don’t know how you feel about this wonderful evening, but I think the Canadiens had quite a night.

At #5, Ivan Demidov was selected, and at #21, Michael Hage heard his name called by his boyhood club.

Until Céline Dion took the stage, it was unclear whether the Habs would keep their fifth pick. After all, Kent Hughes was listening to offers. And according to Pierre LeBrun, he received four or five.

One wonders which GMs called. Was Barry Trotz (for Yaroslav Askarov) one of them?

I imagine that when Cayden Lindstrom was named by the Blue Jackets, Hughes called his counterparts and told them he was going to make his pick.

After all, Demidov was always the team’s target. He was the priority from the start.

According to Martin Lapointe (interview with Renaud Lavoie), the Russian is possibly the best player in the draft. Management couldn’t pass up the opportunity to select him fifth overall.

He’s management’s man, as well as the fans’. He’s already a favorite here in Montreal.


Speaking of transactions, none of Martin Necas and Rutger McGroarty were traded. Remember that Kent Hughes, whose work night is over, was/is very interested in both forwards.

Will we have to wait until tomorrow to see who will get their hands on the players?

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