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Ivan Demidov to come to North America after next season
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

The big question mark with Russia’s players is not their talent, but their contractual situation in their home country.

But more and more, these situations are no longer scary. And today, Kent Hughes and the Habs proved this point by drafting Ivan Demidov. His situation wasn’t as controversial as Matvei Michkov’s, but still: he’s under contract in the KHL.

One thing’s for sure: he won’t be signing another pact there. After next season, he’ll come to North America and make his debut with the Tricolore.

That’s what we thought, but the main interested party confirmed it.

Montreal is getting nothing but good news tonight.

We may not be able to see Demidov before our eyes in 2024-2025, but he’ll be in good hands in the KHL. The SKA coach is very fond of the young player, who collected two points per game in the MHL last year.

He won’t even be able to attend training camp as he doesn’t currently have his Canadian visa.

The winger hasn’t even been a member of the Habs for two hours and he’s already a crowd favorite. He’s already signing caps and knows that French is very important in Montreal.

One thing’s for sure, like the fans, he seems very happy with his arrival in Montreal.

He really enjoyed meeting Martin St-Louis and Vincent Lecavalier, guys he used to control in video games when he was younger.


After Ivan Demidov, here are the players who have been selected:

6. Utah – Tij Iginla, forward

7. Ottawa – Carter Yakemchuk, defenseman

8. Seattle – Berkly Catton, forward

9. Calgary – Zayne Parekh, defenseman

10. New Jersey – Anton Silayev, defenseman, fourth on Devils’ list

11. San Jose – Sam Dickinson, defenseman

12. Minnesota (via Philadelphia) – Zeev Buium, defenseman

13. Philadelphia (via Minnesota) – Jett Luchanko, forward

14. Buffalo – Konsta Helenius, forward

Starting in seventh, there was a blitz of defensemen, but before that, it was the forwards who led the way. Wasn’t this supposed to be a crop of backs? Silayev was the first left-handed defender to hear his name called.

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