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Cayden Lindstrom has the “feeling” he’ll be selected by the Blue Jackets
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Even with what we know about his back, Cayden Lindstrom has a good chance of being selected in the top-5 at tonight’s draft in Vegas.

He’s got the offensive skills, and the physique, to be one of the National League’s dominant players in the coming years.

Some doubt he’ll be able to translate his game to the NHL, but on paper, he’s a great prospect.

Georges Laraque talked about him on the radio this afternoon and revealed a piece of information worth sharing.

What is it?

Well… Lindstrom has the “feeling” he’ll be selected 4th overall by the Blue Jackets.

And if that’s what happens, Ivan Demidov should be available at #5 if the Hawks (Levhsunov) and Ducks (Buium or Silayev) draft a defenseman, an idea that’s been really popular since this morning.

Speaking of Lindstrom, Georges did mention that he has the personality and character to evolve in a market like Montreal.

Why is that?

Because the young man experienced racism growing up, and he’s got the strength of character as a result.

Interesting, though.

Lindstrom has the attributes and physique to interest Habs management… And the Blue Jackets, who could select him to create a big one-two punch at center with Adam Fantilli.

It would make a nice base for the next few years, at least.

And it would allow the Jackets to focus on improving the team on the wing.


– Yeah. Sounds a lot like that.

– Sam Reinhart will break the bank.

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