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The Blue Jackets refused to trade the fourth pick to the Flyers
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Less than 24 hours until the NHL draft. Nothing has been decided yet, but we have some very good leads on the teams’ picks ahead of the Habs.

The Sharks will take Macklin Celebrini and the Hawks, who have already made their selection, will most likely take Artyom Levshunov.

After that, the Ducks and Blue Jackets picks are a little harder to predict, but let’s just say Ivan Demidov is quietly headed for Montreal. But…

Let’s not be too hasty. If the teams in the top-4 don’t seem any more interested in drafting the Russian than they have to be, some teams could arrange to draft him via a trade. That’s what the Flyers tried to do.

Columbus turned down a trade for the fourth overall pick. Daniel Brière would have offered the 12th pick, a player from his line-up and a first-round pick in 2025.

We obviously don’t know which player the Flyers are targeting, but we have strong reason to believe that Demidov is coveted there.

After all, a Demidov-Michkov duo would be exceptional.

Does Philadelphia have the feeling they could get their hands on the Russian in the fourth spot? If so, it’s good news for the Habs, who also have the KHL/MHL player in their sights.

By the way, he certainly made a few people happy this afternoon, as he presented himself in French.

While Demidov could be a logical target for Brière and his club, he’s not the only player they could be targeting.

The Flyers have a crying need at center, and Marc Dumont believes that if the club were to move up in the draft , it would be to select Cayden Lindstrom, a big guy who plays center. To be continued, but nothing’s decided yet in one of the most eagerly awaited drafts of recent years.


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