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Grant McCagg: Canadiens’ choice should be Demidov or Buium
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Only a few hours remain before we have the answer to the biggest question to surround the Habs since the lottery: who will be Montreal’s fifth-round pick? Just two days before the big event, Grant McCagg made his prediction.

McCagg says he based his prediction on the information he received and the analysis of scouts he knows. He drew up a list of potential team picks, from first to sixth, and isolated two names for the Canadiens.

The Habs’ two potential picks would be Ivan Demidov or Zeev Buium, according to Grant McCagg.

The idea of seeing Demidov in a Canadiens uniform has been on the minds of many analysts and hockey fans in recent weeks. The rumours will continue to grow between now and the draft, as the Russian is scheduled to meet the Canadiens on Thursday night.

However, this wouldn’t be the first time Demidov has met with Habs management. He explained on Wednesday that the two sides had already met last season.

If the Habs want to select a defenseman who has the potential to become a true number one for an NHL team, Zeev Buium would be the choice.

Just last week, McCagg revealed that members of Buium’s team with the University of Denver were convinced he could be selected fifth overall.

McCagg probably selected these two players because he believes Cayden Lindstrom will be selected in the top 4. If Lindstrom is still available at the fifth pick, the Canadiens may well be tempted.

What I find strange in this list is Beckett Sennecke’s name at number six with the Utah team. His name hasn’t circulated too often in top-10 rumours, and he’s only ranked 13th among North American skaters according to NHL Central Scouting.

Even stranger, Sportsnet’s Jason Bukala unveiled his own pre-draft list, and he believes the Canadiens could be the ones to get their hands on Sennecke. I have nothing against Bukala or Sennecke, but it seems far too early to make that choice.


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