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Disappointing season: Filip Mesar blames his teammates
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
In his first season in junior, Filip Mesar collected a total of 51 points in 52 games.

Talk about “decent” production for a first-round pick.

That said, there was a mini improvement last season, when he finished with 52 points in 45 games. But then again, we expected more from him.

Is there a reason for his disappointing production?

For him, it’s pretty obvious. And as a TVA Sports article puts it, let’s just say he won’t be making any friends in Kitchener with what he said in an interview with a Slovak media outlet.

Mesar blames his teammates, who were sometimes “late” on the game:

When I was trying to create something, my teammates were there a bit late and that frustrated me slightly, but I had to get over it. – Filip Mesar

Hey boy.

Obviously, it’s not what you want to hear from a guy who was drafted in the first round.

It says a lot about his attitude, at least…

And I find it hard to believe that Kent Hughes and the Habs management will be happy with the situation.

Mesar hasn’t produced to the level of his talent, and he blames his teammates in some way for his disappointing season.

He should have looked in the mirror and realized that he is responsible for his own production. Of course, it helps when you’re playing with good players… But the OHL guys aren’t boilermakers either.

After all, his club made the playoffs… And with the Rangers, three players (including two younger than him) finished the season with over 90 points on the board:

(Credit: Hockey DB)

Filip Mesar isn’t helping himself, and now he finds himself in a precarious situation.

I really wonder what his compatriot, Juraj Slafkovksy, thinks of all this…

And I wonder how the Kitchener Rangers players will react to his comments.

At least, he’s not exactly a team player these days.

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