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Daniel Jacob leaves the Crunch and his name circulates in Laval
Credit: Getty Images

From 2014 to 2018, Daniel Jacob was an assistant with the Armada in the QMJHL under Joël Bouchard. He became a faithful companion for him, as he also followed him in his (short) move to Laval (2018-2021), San Diego (2021-2022) and Syracuse last year.

There’s clearly a bond of trust between the two men.

But now, the Crunch assistant will no longer be at Bouchard’s side next season. By mutual agreement, the Crunch and the Quebecer have terminated their professional agreement.

What’s the reason? We don’t know. It could be to come back home, to get another opportunity, because of a conflict, dissatisfaction with bosses, etc.

What we do know, however, is that his name was floated last week as a possible replacement for Jean-François Houle as Laval Rocket driver… and today’s rumours do nothing to add fuel to the fire.

In fact, as Mikaël Lalancette and Stéphane Leroux report, Jacob’s name is circulating in Laval.

Would it be as a driver? Would it be as an assistant? According to the RDS reporter, he could take over the assistant position recently vacated by Kelly Buchberger.

Of course, to see him become an assistant, you’d think it would take a pilot first. After all, that’s the way it normally works to train a coaching staff.

But if it’s as a head coach, that’s another story.

One wonders whether the Rocket sees him as a chief pilot, given his track record as an eternal assistant. John Sedgwick knows him well and must surely have his own opinion on the matter, but I’d be curious to know what he thinks.

Expect to see him talking to Rocket management, in any case.


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