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McDavid played with an abdominal injury that will require surgery
Credit: Getty Images
Connor McDavid was dominant in the last NHL series.

42 points in just 25 games.

And that’s why he earned the Conn-Smythe Trophy, even though his club lost.

All this is even more impressive when we learn that the Oilers captain had to play with a serious abdominal injury.

We’re talking about an injury that is expected to require surgery, and it’s crazy to think that he fought through the pain to get his team through to Game 7 of the final.

But that’s not all.

McDavid was important in the playoffs, but Draisaitl also played a role in his club’s success.

The German scored 30 points in 23 games… despite suffering a fractured finger and rib:

NHL players are different.

They sacrifice their bodies for the success of their respective clubs, and they go into battle every night.

At the end of the day, it’s hard not to respect them.

Right now, we’re waiting to see what happens next in Edmonton.

Will Draisaitl be back, with just one season left on his current contract?

But before that, we have to wonder whether Ken Holland will agree to come back…

Because if he (really) wants to, Darren Dreger believes there’s still a role for him in Alberta:

There’s work to be done on the Oilers and it’s going to get interesting.

I’m especially looking forward to seeing what happens with the Draisaitl situation… Because it would be a real blow if he were to leave Edmonton.

At least, I find it hard to believe that it would really move things forward there.

And if things really start to get tough… Don’t forget that Connor McDavid only has two seasons left on his contract, and he’ll be as free as a bird in the summer of 2026.


– Quite a hockey player.

– A true leader.

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