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Marner: “If there is a deal, there’s a good chance it will be this week”
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Darren Dreger surprised everyone last week.

He said he thought Brad Treliving would rather extend Mitch Marner’s contract than trade him

And today, Frank Seravalli says the opposite.

Seravalli, who was on the radio this morning (SN590), confided that the Leafs are simply not interested (under any circumstances) in offering the NHL’s star forward a contract extension.

The tipster went on to say that if a deal does happen, there’s a good chance it will happen this week:

Who’s telling the truth?

We’ll have the answer to that question in the next few days.

But Seravalli’s hypothesis is a little illogical because on July 1, the Leafs will have to pay Marner a bonus of $7.25 million.

That said, it would be easier for Brad Treliving to trade him afterwards.

At the very least, it would facilitate discussions with the various teams involved in the deal.

It remains to be seen whether Darren Dreger or Frank Seravalli will prevail in the coming days.

On the other hand, the whole story is starting to get heavy, and that’s why, in my opinion, the Leafs have no choice but to trade the man who scored 85 points in 69 games last season.

We can’t afford to start the next campaign with distractions in the Leafs’ dressing room… And even if Treliving decides to keep Marner and offer him a new long-term contract, that’s what’s going to happen because all eyes will be on the forward’s situation.

Especially in an intense market like Toronto’s.


– I agree.

– Three years ago…

– There’s a great atmosphere at the Oilers, a few hours before game #7.

– Big cash.

– We’re there now.

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